Canopy Tours

Creating Sustainable Ecotourism


Having a well trained staff is one of the keys to having a successful tour operation.

The industry standards require a safety training program with a minimum of 40 hours.

Canopy Tours Inc. however includes with all new zip line tour construction an intensive 80 hour training program.

Our professional trainers use hands-on materials, practical exercises, and problem-solving to teach competence, as well as handouts and manuals. We will continually encourage your staff to think and explain their reasoning instead of simply memorizing and reciting facts. We customize each safety training to meet the needs of your program, your environment, and your tour.

Canopy Tours - 80 hour Zip Line training program content:

  • Adventure and Learning Theory
  • Effective Outdoor Leadership
  • Children vs. Teens vs. Adults vs. Seniors; School Groups vs. Recreational Groups; Individuals vs. Groups
  • Special Needs Populations deafness, obesity, learning differences, blindness, cardiac, etc.
  • Knots and Rope Skills; Belaying, Rappelling and Lead-Edge Climbing Techniques
  • Techniques for Cable and Steal Structures
  • Personal Gear: Staff and Participants (Helmets, Harness, Hardware)
  • Course Gear and Canopy Tour Systems (Cables, Pulleys, Fixed Hardware)
  • Instructor Skills
  • Guide Skills and Facilitation Skills
  • Hospitality making the customer feel welcome and supported
  • Risk Management and Accident Prevention; Emergency Action Plans
  • Rescues: Level 1 Level 5
  • Daily and Interim Inspections of Equipment, Gear and Course (Record keeping)
  • Local Maintenance and Canopy Tour Inc Maintenance
  • Forest Stewardship
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Local Operating Procedures (LOPs), Guide/Instructor Preference
  • Canopy Tour Sequencing and Operations
  • Practical Exercises: Guide Presentations and Hands-on Leadership
  • Shadowing, Co-Guiding, Co-Facilitation, Leading with 360o Feedback
  • Skills Verification
  • Maximizing course throughput while focusing on safety and quality